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Ildiko Pataki and Istvan Parragh the designers and digitizers of Vodmochka Graffix Company

Established in Las Vegas, Nevada our company started the Embroidery Digitizing business in 1997. Our idea was to utilize our artistic talent and education to convert it to a practical business, after we leave the stage as performers. Traveling all over the World we created our stage costumes and private clothing ourselves. Decorate them with hand embroidery was a natural choice.

The chance to use computer assistance to our embroidery designs fascinated us. After a short trial, we created some exciting designs, than we offered our Logo Digitizing Service to local embroidery companies. Our first website allowed us to serve much larger clientele. Today we get orders from all over the World.

We continued creating new High Definition Embroidery Portrait designs for ourselves decorating our home and clothing with it. When we got the unique opportunity to study and photograph the famous Royal White Tigers, White Lions, Jaguars, Snow Leopard and other exotic animals at the Mirage hotel -where we worked as Acro Adagio for over a decade - we could see they beauty and fabulous personality face to face. Our love and fascination to these fantastic animals deepened as time passed by. We challenged ourselves to show the individual personalities of these beauties in our Embroidered Portraits. The detailed, large designs captivated people's attention. Than Siegfried and Roy asked us to create an anniversary jacket for them. Those jackets become a huge success.

We started using special fabrics and paints to enhance the embroidery, thus we developed a unique art form. All our Original Portraits are hand painted and unique in every way. The pictures on our website don't do justice to them, since they don't show the light changes that brings different dimensions to the portraits.

We hope you find our Embroidered Portraits interesting. They are great gifts to anyone, or just cherish for yourself.

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Istvan Parragh and Ildiko Pataki  Embroidery Designers and digitizers

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